Man Contradicts Himself


Man contradicts himself. This is a well-known and ever-present dilemma. Our hold upon existence is precarious and yet it is all we know. Our essence is secure, but we cannot know it. And yet we are deeply aware of the division in our nature. We are aware of a two-fold anxiety that is our chief concern, and yet we are so divided and so contradictory, that we cannot comprehend it. It separates into two mutually exclusive fields. One is centred upon the inescapable needs of our existence. It can be called restricted anxiety, for it not only remains within the knowable worlds, but within the areas immediately adjacent to man himself. The second is total anxiety directed towards the mystery of the Whole. We all experience this total anxiety. We may turn away from it to the restricted concern of our every-day existence; but it remains the unresolved contradiction, in which our essence makes itself felt.


–  J.G. Bennett. The Dramatic Universe. Volume 3.  (1966, P 128)


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