The Void of Separate Things


Bergson was also aware of the spurious reality of “things” because – as he himself pointed out – thought creates things by slicing up reality into small bits that it can easily grasp. Thus, when you are think-ing you are thing-ing. Thought does not report things, it distorts reality to create things, and, as Bergson noted, “in so doing it allows what is the very essence of the real to escape.” Thus to the extent we actually imagine a world of discrete and separate things, conceptions have become perceptions, and we have in this manner populated our universe with nothing but ghosts. Therefore the Madhyamika declares that Reality, besides being Void of conceptual elaboration, is likewise Void of seperate things (dharmas). In sum, the Madhyamika calls the Absolute: Sunyata, Void! Void of things and Void of thoughts. But again, the Void is not mere nothingness, it is not nihilism, it is simply Reality before we slice it up with conceptualism – pure territory beyond any descriptive maps. This is why Buddhism also refers to Reality as tathata, which means “suchness” or “thusness” – the real world as it is, not as it is classified or described.


— Ken Wilber. The Spectrum of Consciousness.



Image taken from Riverbank of Truth









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