We Cannot Capture a Non-interfered Particle


There is another misunderstanding that has affected our understanding of nature. In looking for a material building block, we look for something that is singular as well. We have been looking for “a thing-in-itself”. Again, quantum mechanics throws confusion on this idea. On an everyday level, things seem discretely singular. But in the subatomic realm, nothing is singular. In fact, any effort to even study or study something on the infinitesimal level so affects the thing that it is no longer the same “something”. On the subatomic level, finding an electron requires running another electron into it. Well, imagine what a car would look like if we had to smash another car into it to find it. It would not look like the same car. So it would seem, then, we cannot capture a non-interfered particle, a “thing-in-itself”, to thereby decipher “real” reality. Philosophically speaking, it appears that we cannot even proceed into the forest to see if the tree makes a sound for we cannot tell what the “forest” really is. But it should be realized that the forest, or tree, or particle, only manifests itself through the relationship between itself and that which it interacts with. There isn’t any unobserved, non-interfered, or unaffected state that we may label as “true reality”.  All we have is the dualistic relationship between opposites in this one two-way process of sexual individualization and unification. Without this process nothing could be or not be. As stated, this is all that we can ascertain in our comprehension.


 – Christopher Alan Anderson. (2013) The Man and Woman Relationship: A New Center for the Universe.





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