The Battleground


I did not know that the battle between good and evil is at its most intense on the psychic plane. Nor did I know the deeper truth that for all those with psychic endowments there is a moment when good and evil converge on the opening psyche. When it first spread its wings, the vultures gather. In the first light of goodness we are blinded by our emergence from matter. Then a shadow sweeps the sky. The force of evil descends to strike before the soul has taken flight. I did not know that I have now moved to the plane where Dualism operates at its maximum. Because of my out-of-body-experiences I had become a sensitised battleground for good and evil. I was living the Dualist conception of man as the reflection in miniature of the macrocosm. The battle in my own heart was identical with that in the universe. […] The Cathar in me was coming to the surface.


– Arthur Guirdham. A Foot in Both Worlds. A Doctor’s Autobiography of Psychic Experience. .W. Daniel Company Limited (1991, pages 41-42). Quote taken from





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