The Cyborgian Self

The cyborgian self is neither a revolutionary, messianic creature of science fiction nor a disembodied, dis-gendered synthetic persona wandering through cyberspace seeking salvation at the gates of cyberHeaven or interacting with other virtual selves in MUDs (Multiple Use Dimensions). Whether conceived of as a liberating vision of human evolution where the cyborg sheds it human limitations-the senses of the body, the emotions of the heart, and the ideologies of the power elite-or as an undesirable fictive entity who serves as a counterpoint to the desirable traits of being human, the cyborgian self is not merely or exclusively a character of artistic fantasy (Brasher 1996, 810). The cyborgian self is more than a physical synthesis of humanity and technology, like William Gibson’s “spectacular” image of humans with cranial implants that predicate a material connection between person and computer (Gibson, 1984) [4]. Rather, it is used here as a construct to elucidate the interdependent relationship between humanity and technology.


– Michael Ian Borer






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