The Absurdities Of Subjectivism

Subjectivism results in the distortion of value experience. What happens at a given moment to appear desirable is taken to be an objective good, valid for all time. The Nullity builds about itself an unreal world, and so remains isolated from existence no less than essence. The Reactional Self adapts itself to this unreal world and so produces ludicrous manifestations that would be intolerable in any real state of objective awareness. We have but to open the pages of the satirists of all ages, from Aristophanes to Dickens, to see the absurdities of subjectivism portrayed. Not all subjectivism is destructive – Bottom and Don Quixote both live in a null-world – but it is always comic. The world-order of nullities is one of the absurdities of the universe, yet it is a condition to be reckoned with in the life of man and, as with all negative laws, it can produce disturbances in the order of the higher worlds.


Each of the eight negative triads of the Law or Order produces a specific disturbance in the inner and outer life of man. Since we presume that the laws of World XCVI are operative on all planets where there are embodied selves, we may judge that some, perhaps appreciable, disturbance of the Universal Harmony is bound to ensue. Since the fullness of the Cosmic Affirmation requires every shade of denial, all the absurdities of subjectivism on all planets must also be a necessity for the response of Existence to Being.


– J.G Bennett. 1961. The Dramatic Universe. Volume 2.






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