The Ultimate Understanding

The essential understanding is that in reality nothing is. This is so obvious that it is not perceived. We quote Hui Neng’s ‘From the beginning not a thing is’ without apprehending its full significance. We refer to the Void and Emptiness without realising what is implied. What is meant is just what is said, i.e. that nothing is – that Nothing alone is what is, not that no thing is real in Something, not that in positive Being, which we tacitly assume, no object is real. Positive Being is not to be assumed, but negative Being – Non-being. It is non-being only that is, and there is nothing but that. It is only in function of Non-being that being seems to be.


Non-being is; and it is because Non-being is, and only Non-being, that any being can be, for being is a manifestation of Non-being.


– Wei Wu Wei






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