The Moment Of Maximum Thrill

It’s like surfing. When catching a wave, the thrill of being perfectly balanced on it – ‘yes! This is it! This is great! I love it!’ – is the ‘becoming’ feeling. In terms of desirable objects, the moment of maximum thrill, the key point of becoming is when we’re just about to get the thing we desire. Scientists have wired people up to measure galvanic skin responses and then sent them shopping. The maximum pitch of excitement is just when someone hands over the plastic. They’re guaranteed to get the product, but it hasn’t quite landed in their hands yet. They start getting disappointed as soon as it is in their hands; acquisition is actually a disappointment. Our ‘consumer culture’ is not really about consuming at all. It’s really a ‘desire culture’.


– Ajahn Amaro. 2013. P41-2. For The Love Of The World. Amaravati Publications






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