Fossil Crime

The perfection of the crime resides in the fact that it is always already accomplished – perfectum. A sidetracking, even before it produces itself, of the world as it is. It will therefore never be discovered. There will be no final judgment to punish or absolve it. There will be no end, because things have always already taken place. Neither resolution nor absolution, but ineluctable unfolding of consequences.


Declination of the original crime (wherein one might perhaps discover its derisory form in the current declination of simulacra?). Our destiny, then, is the perpetration of this crime, its implacable unfolding, the continuity of evil, the continuation of nothingness. We will never live its “primal scene,” but at every moment we live its prosecution and atonement. There is no end to this, and the consequences are incalculable.


Just as the first few seconds of the Big Bang are unfathomable, the few seconds of the original crime are indeterminable. Fossil crime, then; like the fossilized sounds scattered throughout the universe. And it is the energy of this crime, like the initial explosion, that will spread throughout the world, until its eventual exhaustion.


Such is the mythic vision of the original crime, that distortion of the world in the game of seduction and appearances, and of its definitive illusion. Such is the form of the secret.


So long as an illusion is not recognized as an error, its value is exactly equivalent to that of reality. But once the illusion is recognized as such, it no longer is one. It is therefore the concept of illusion itself, and this alone, that is the illusion.


The big philosophical question was: “Why is there something rather than nothing?” Today, the real question is: “Why is there nothing rather than something?”


– Jean Baudrillard. The Perfect Crime





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