You Are The Product Of Your Conditioning

You are the product of your conditioning, you’re the product of your society, you’re the product of propaganda, religious and otherwise – for two thousand years, as in India ten thousand or five thousand years they have been told what to believe, what to think. You repeat what others have said. All your education is that, the repetition of what you have learnt from a book. And you’re that, you’re conditioned, you are not free, happy, vital, passionate human beings. You are frightened human beings and therefore second-hand, you’re full of authority of others; or your own particular little authority, of your own knowledge – you know something about something and you become an authority.


So you’re not free. And intellectually – look – are you free? Not repeat what others have said, not what you’ve been taught in the university or what you have learnt from a book. And what have you experienced? Go into it, you will see what you have experienced. You have experienced something that you will always recognise, otherwise it is not an experience. Therefore your experience is always old, like thought is always old – thought is never new, because it is the response of memory.


So you – if you will forgive my repeating it – you are second-hand human beings, intellectually, emotionally. You go to places to learn how to be sensitive. Lovely idea, isn’t it? Be taught by another how to think.          …


– Krishnamurti





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