All There Is Is Life Happening

All there is is life happening, so why would you need to do anything about it when this already is the case? Nothing needs to be any better or worse, you don’t have to walk more slowly in a state of awareness or be more mindful of every footstep. Everything is beautiful just as it is. That’s the end — Bang!


No individual sees anything. Being sees this; seeing simply happens, yet no one does the seeing. This is utterly simple and immediate. It’s simply what this is — as it is. Who’s going to learn this? It’s like standing here saying to you “I’m going to teach you how to breath or how to make the blood run in your body.” It’s simply ridiculous. Oneness, Being, can’t be taught. How can anyone teach it? There is no one who needs to do anything; nor is there anything to be done — except to continue to see the false notions as false.


 – Tony Parsons. Quote taken from westernmystics





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