The Fleshly Larva

The fall of Adam drew with it the fall of man from an original, inner unity into the external world of opposites. According to Cabbalistic teachings, taken up by Paracelsus and Bohme, the Ur-Adam was androgynous: “he was man and woman at the same time (…) quite pure in breeding. He could give birth parthenogenically at will (…) and he had a body that could pass through trees and stones.


The noble lapis philosophorum would have been as easy for him to find as a building stone.” (Bohme, Vom dreyfachen Leben, Amsterdam, 1682)


The feminine that was essential in Adam, before it was separated from him in sleep, was his heavenly spouse, Sophia (wisdom). Blake calls her “Emanation”.


After Adam had “imagined” himself into the outside world in the Fall, thus forfeiting his astral light-body for the fleshly “larva”, his companion and matrix left him. Since then his existence has been shadowy and unreal, a ghost (spectre, the male side).


 – Alexander Roob. Alchemy and Mysticism. (2006)





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