The Messenger Of Light

According to Mani, the unfolding of the universe takes place with three “creations”:


The First Creation: Originally, good and evil existed in two completely separate realms, one the World of Light, ruled by the Father of Greatness together with his five Shekhinas (divine attributes of light), and the other the World of Darkness, ruled by the King of Darkness. At a certain point, the Kingdom of Darkness notices the World of Light, becomes greedy for it and attacks it. The Father of Greatness , in the first of three “creations” (or “calls”), calls to the Mother of Life, who sends their son Original Man (Nāšā Qaḏmāyā in Aramaic), to battle with the attacking powers of Darkness, which include the Demon of Greed. The Original Man is armed with five different shields of light (reflections of the five Shekhinas), which he loses to the forces of darkness in the ensuing battle, described as a kind of “bait” to trick the forces of darkness, as the forces of darkness greedily consume as much light as they can. When the Original Man comes to, he is trapped among the forces of darkness.


The Second Creation: Then the Father of Greatness begins the Second Creation, calling to the Living Spirit, who calls to his five sons, and sends a call to the Original Man (Call then becomes a Manichaean deity). An answer (Answer becomes another Manichaean deity) then returns from the Original Man to the World of Light. The Mother of Life, the Living Spirit, and his five sons begin to create the universe from the bodies of the evil beings of the World of Darkness, together with the light that they have swallowed. Ten heavens and eight earths are created, all consisting of various mixtures of the evil material beings from the World of Darkness and the swallowed light. The sun, moon, and stars are all created from light recovered from the World of Darkness. The waxing and waning of the moon is described as the moon filling with light, which passes to the sun, then through the Milky Way, and eventually back to the World of Light.


The Third Creation: Great demons (called archons in bar-Khonai’s account) are hung out over the heavens, and then the Father of Greatness begins the Third Creation. Light is recovered from out of the material bodies of the male and female evil beings and demons, by causing them to become sexually aroused in greed, towards beautiful images of the beings of light, such as the Third Messenger and the Virgins of Light. However, as soon as the light is expelled from their bodies and falls to the earth (some in the form of abortions – the source of fallen angels in the Manichaean myth), the evil beings continue to swallow up as much of it as they can to keep the light inside of them. This results eventually in the evil beings swallowing huge quantities of light, copulating, and producing Adam and Eve. The Father of Greatness then sends the Radiant Jesus to awaken Adam, and to enlighten him to the true source of the light that is trapped in his material body. Adam and Eve, however, eventually copulate, and produce more human beings, trapping the light in bodies of mankind throughout human history. The appearance of the Prophet Mani was another attempt by the World of Light to reveal to mankind the true source of the spiritual light imprisoned within their material bodies.


– Quote taken from






Empty-Handed I Go


空手把鉏頭 Empty-handed I go and yet the spade is in my hands;

步行騎水牛 I walk on foot, and yet on the back of an ox I am riding:

人在橋上過 When I pass over the bridge,

橋流水不流 Lo, the water floweth not, but the bridge doth flow.



– Translated by D.T. Suzuki (Essays in Zen Buddhism – First Series 272).








The Stranger Within

Without our familiar props, we are faced with just ourselves, a person we do not know, an unnerving stranger with whom we have been living all the time but we never really wanted to meet. Isn’t that why we have tried to fill every moment of time with noise and activity, however boring or trivial, to ensure that we are never left in silence with this stranger on our own?


– Sogyal Rinpoche



All There Is Is Life Happening

All there is is life happening, so why would you need to do anything about it when this already is the case? Nothing needs to be any better or worse, you don’t have to walk more slowly in a state of awareness or be more mindful of every footstep. Everything is beautiful just as it is. That’s the end — Bang!


No individual sees anything. Being sees this; seeing simply happens, yet no one does the seeing. This is utterly simple and immediate. It’s simply what this is — as it is. Who’s going to learn this? It’s like standing here saying to you “I’m going to teach you how to breath or how to make the blood run in your body.” It’s simply ridiculous. Oneness, Being, can’t be taught. How can anyone teach it? There is no one who needs to do anything; nor is there anything to be done — except to continue to see the false notions as false.


 – Tony Parsons. Quote taken from westernmystics




The Apparatus

The life force [prana] and the mind are operating [of their own accord], but the mind will tempt you to believe that it is “you”. Therefore understand always that you are the timeless spaceless witness. And even if the mind tells you that you are the one who is acting, don’t believe the mind. […] The apparatus [mind, body] which is functioning has come upon your original essence, but you are not that apparatus.


Sri Nisargdatta Maharaj. The Ultimate Medicine, (pp.54 – 70)