Reality As You Know It Is A Lie

Eye Archon

Reality as you know it is a lie. The world we see around us is an illusion hiding True Reality, a horrible Illusion fabricated to keep humanity at bay, and to prevent our Awakening.


It was not always so. Once the Demiurge walked among us. He called himself Creator. Whether he designed the fabric of entirety, no one can say. Perhaps he was one of us, enlightened in power and possibility, or perhaps we were his equals. Perhaps he is father of all we see, and used to see. That knowledge is lost.


It was the Demiurge who forged our prison. From his citadel in the true city of Metropolis, he altered our perceptions and limited our abilities. He instilled in our bodies and souls the limitations we now regard as fact. The True Reality is only known to us as fables and fiction. This was his way.


To aid in his schemes the Demiurge created the ten Archons, immortal servants charged with ruling over the Illusion while holding humanity at bay. The mere existence of the Archons begat the existence of the Angels of Death, distorted images of the original ten Archons – a balance to their power. The Archons in turn created the Lictors, beings destined to exist among us and oversee from within. Likewise, the Lictors resulted in the creation of Razides, hideous lieutenants of the Death Angels. All had their place in the order.


Each Archon controlled a tenth of the Earth. The Lictors and their servants manipulated humans by infiltrating their realms and organizations. Astaroth, the dark twin of the Demiurge, and his Angels of Death destroyed human resistance with torture and horror in Inferno. The Illusion was strong, and humanity was content to believe the stories of creation and salvation that the Demiurge devised.


But it was not to last. Humanity, unknowingly striving to break their bonds, began to doubt the stories. By the end of the 18th century the Demiurge was losing control over the Illusion. In a final attempt to regain dominion over the slowly Awakening human race, the Archons devised a theory of the evolution of the human species and presented it through a Lictor named Darwin. This effort to give humanity an origin was designed to prevent us from looking too deeply into our past. In place of myths we were given a new belief system called “science” to further blind us.


It was futile. In the early 20th century, with control slipping further from his grasp, the Demiurge vanished without a trace. No one knows if he fled or died. Nor could they remember how or when he disappeared. Increasing numbers doubted he ever existed.


Astaroth sought out his brother, for without the Demiurge he could not exist. He found only a general lack of Faith and the personal Hells and Purgatories devised by humanity as they walked more boldly into Reality. He realized that if humanity Awakened, breaking from its prison of comfort and convenience, then his power would be threatened. He called to his Angels of Death, idle since the Demiurge vanished, and began to gather his army of the damned. Today the Death Angels sit in their Citadels within Inferno, plotting against the Archons and each other. Some have joined Astaroth while others work toward their own goals.


The Archons, left without a master, fight among themselves for the right to rule the cosmos. They dwell within Metropolis, forging weak alliances and manipulating their forces within the Illusion.


Even the Lictors have altered their path. While some still serve their Archon masters and attempt to keep humanity ignorant, others have joined the Angels of Death and Astaroth in their quest to bring forth the Apocalypse.


The Illusion is in shambles. More and more humans are able to peer beyond its veil. Some are able to enter Reality at will, often causing madness and death. The Illusion is weakest where we are forced to look to areas that counter what we believe is the natural order. Slums, crime scenes and battlefields may open a portal through the Illusion. That portal may lead anywhere: to Metropolis, Inferno, other worlds, private hells, anywhere. People who have broken from “normalcy” may also stumble past the Illusion. Once artifacts or drugs were the only tools that could break the barrier. Today even the act of dreaming may Awaken the dreamer and thrust the helpless soul through a portal beyond dreams and into Reality.



 – TheWinterNet







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