The Dream Has No Outside


Waking up is the shift from the fiction right now is real, and not a dream, to the fact everything ‘going on’ can only be content in a dream. Consciousness is the dream manifesting as ‘right now,’ and it accurately displays where all the dreamers in the dream are with the fact truth is absolute, somewhere between awake, and one with the fact right now is the dream mind is dreaming, and filling time in the dream defending the impossible fiction it’s possible to prove right now is real and not a dream. This is “The Main Event” in this dream because there is no way a dreamer in this dream can ever prove it is a person, having a life outside the dream because the dream has no outside.


Clients (dreamers in the dream) make appointments because they suffer from defending the fiction it’s possible to prove truth is false. If truth is absolute, then there is no way any dreamer in this dream can prove truth is false. The dream features ‘trying to prove truth is false’ as the centerpiece in this dream. Before you wake up, you wonder why so many people endure lives of suffering and torment, and after you wake up you reconnect with the fact everything is content in the dream, accurately reflecting where all the dreamers are with the fact — it isn’t possible for a dreamer in this dream to prove truth is false, and that this manifests in the dream as suffering.


– Greg Tucker







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