The Revolving Unconscious

…His symbiosis with the anima – or with a revolving unconscious – make him a victim to her violent revolutions and swings of mood. This, in turn, prevents him from making an objective distinction between the state of the world and the state of himself. To a normal person the world may appear good even if he feels bad himself, or the world may appear bad even if he feels good himself. Not so with the manic-depressive: he is himself like the world, and the world is like himself, and so the world rises with him and sets with him in the magic mirror of the revolving, symbiotic anima mundi. On the bright side of the moon the whole world is ‘eaten up’ and introjected by a manic ego inflated by a universal soul and self. On the dark half of the moon the manic’s engulfed world is ‘thrown up’ and projected onto reality, which is now painted in the same colours as the ego’s blackened soul and self. As the sense of universal elation is changed into one of universal depression, the circular flight of manic denial comes full circle in the depressive return of the denied. For this reason the elation of mania is an uneasy one since it may be defined as a denial of the horror of the depressed state.


– Johannes Fabricius




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